Delta Records Profit Increment in 2013

Delta reported a $ 558 profit for the quarter ended December 31 and a profit of $ 2.7 million , excluding special items , for the year 2013.

The company said its 2013 profit increased $ 1.1 billion recorded in 2012.

Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400

Delta Airlines Boeing 747-400

"Our December quarter earnings caps off a successful year for Delta with strong profitability and margin expansion , leading operations in the industry and significant improvements to customer satisfaction ," said CEO Richard Anderson carrier.

"We have a strong set of initiatives to improve our financial results , operational performance and customer satisfaction levels beyond the record levels of 2013 and remain focused on being the best aircraft for our employees, customers and shareholders. "

" In an environment of strong demand , capacity discipline of the entire industry and a number of initiatives Delta revenues and delivery of benefits , we hope to produce a significant expansion in the March quarter margin," said Ed Bastian , president Delta. "As the year progresses , we expect to generate revenue growth frontline as we implement our joint venture of Virgin Atlantic , continue to restructure and diversify our network of Pacific corporate gain share , and ramp up our efforts to marketing. "