Airbus A340-300 German VIP Transport the Konrad Adenauer

Airbus A340-300 German VIP Transport

This is Airbus A340-300 the German VIP Transport also called Konrad Adenauer, another this aircraft also used by government person for diplomatic travel worldwide. This photo credit goes to Rainer Bexten, captured at Cologne Bonn Airport.

Konrad Adenauer was former German Chancellor after world war II, under his leadership Germany turned into prosperous country exactly like present. Anyway, the A340 operating since 2011 replacing its predecessor Konrad, the Airbus A310-300. All German VIP transport always have same livery, black-red-yellow behind white as well as Bundesrepublik Deutschland mark. In other hand, Airbus A340-300 is more suitable worldwide transporter since its flight range up to 13,500 km and ability to carry more than 140 passengers comfortably.