Boeing Announces Grand Opening of 777X Composite Facility

boeing 777x rendering image

Boeing 777X Shown in a Rendering Image

Boeing joined employees today with community leaders throughout the region to celebrate the grand opening of its new Composite Wing Center 777X (CAQ) in Everett, Washington.

The facility, located on the north side of the main building of the final assembly, manufacture larger composite wings in the world for the 777X, the newest commercial airplane company, and maintain thousands of jobs Puget Sound area. Boeing has invested more than USD 1 billion in the Everett site for the construction and equipping of the new building.

"Today's event is bigger than the celebration of the opening of a magnificent new building," said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President and CEO Ray Conner. "It is our employees, and shared success with our partners in the region and in Olympia in Puget Sound keep at the forefront of aerospace leadership in the coming decades."

Construction of the new building CAQ requires approximately 4.2 million hours of construction time. At its peak, they employed 1,700 employees worked on the project.

The building will contain three of the world's largest autoclaves - each large enough for two Boeing 737 fuselages inside. The 777X family double progresses world's most efficient aircraft aisle. Two models include the 777X family - 777-8X, with about 350 seats and a range capability of more than 9,300 nautical miles; and 777-9X, with about 400 seats and a range of over 8,200 nautical miles.

The 777-8X competes directly with the Airbus A350-1000, while the 777-9X is in a class by itself, serving a market segment that no other aircraft can. To date, the 777X has accumulated 320 orders and commitments from six customers worldwide. 777X production is scheduled to begin in 2017, with the first delivery directed in 2020.