H225M Attack Helicopter of Poland To Be Installed Missile

h225m caracal

H225M Attack Helicopter of Poland

H225M Attack Helicopter of Poland. The Polish Air Force to provide possible H225M 21 helicopters helicopters with missiles Airbus Rafael Spike-ER according to Israeli sources.

Warsaw has yet to fully commit to an agreement for a total of 50 heavy helicopters division through three services, after selecting the type in April 2015.

However, it is understood that the Air Force plans to use anti-tank guided munitions built by Israel in its fleet.

rafael spike-er missile

"We have shown that this version of the Spike missile is the best solution when the need is to provide combat capabilities such a helicopter," says Aviram Levy, marketing director Rafael.

The missile has already been sent by Spain on board its Airbus Helicopters The Tigers.

Spike's missile is an Israeli fourth generation of portable systems fire and forget anti-tank and anti-personnel guided missiles with tandem HEAT warhead-laden, developed and designed by the Israeli company Rafael Advanced Defense Systems missiles. Extra extended-range or long-range version of the weapon. Previously it was also known as the NT-Dandy or NT-D. It has a maximum range of 8000 m and has a larger diameter and is heavier than the other systems, and is usually mounted on the vehicle in the tank or aircraft.