A350-1000 Rolling Out For The First Time

a350-1000 rolling out

A350-1000 Rolling Out

A350-1000 Rolling Out of the paint shop for the first time. Finally, the longest variant of Airbus A350 XWB has been revealed. For those who did not know XWB stands for, eXtra Wide Body. This photograph taken at Airbus facility in Toulouse, France Prior to this roll out moment. Airbus released A350-900 series for typical A350 series type.  Qatar Airways was the launch customer back in 2014. Currently there are more than 25 A350s already in operations world wide. In terms of dimension, the -1000 series has longer fuselage than -900 series.

This variant has about 7 meters longer or 74 meters. It is about the same length with Airbus A380-800. At the result, typical seating configuration improved up to 366 seats. While the recommended maximum passengers remain 440 pax. Although the aircraft became longer.

Airbus still use the same Rolls Royce Trent XWB engine. For optimum performance, Rolls Royce has increase of its output 15 percent stronger. In terms of thrust generated. In other hand, Airbus should sacrifice its flight range for just 7,990 nautical mile or about 14,800 km. While the standard -900 series could fly up to 8,100 nautical mile. Here are another Airbus A350-1000 below. Enjoy.

a350-1000 hangar

a350-1000 being towed

 The jetliner while in paint shop or in hangar and while being towed