A380 Air France Retracting Landing Gear Up

a380 air france

A380-800 of Air France

A380-800 of Air France while climbing up the sky. The super jumbo jet captured just after takeoff. As seen in picture landing gear retracting up. Set to enter landing gear bay inside. Thanks to Collin Moeser for amazing photo shoot. French carrier installed Engine Alliance engine on power plant. Rather different than another jumbo jet series which using Rolls Royce Trent 900 engine. Another nickname for this kind of engine option is A380-861. It added by -61 code in last series code. While Rolls Royce engine option used -41 engine code. According to statistics, 41 percent of this giant are installed with Engine Alliance GP7000. Air France currently operating 10 aircraft out of 12 total orders. The carrier also among the first operator back in 2009.