Lufthansa A380-800 Hangar Fitment Attempt

lufthansa a380 hangar fitment

Lufthansa A380-800 Hangar Fitment

Lufthansa A380-800 During on Hangar Fitment. As we can see above picture. The giant aircraft while being fitment by someone. In attempt to measure the hangar dimension should be. Uniquely, some part of hangar's building already there. Airbus A380 has great number in dimensions. Such as, overall length is 72.72 meters. Even it has greater wingspan, up to 79.75 meters. Height is 24 meters, it is about the same height with 7th floor building. Some international airports should modified its apron gate. Ensuring they able to provide services for the giant A380. Another airports even did not met the requirements for this jet aircraft to land. On other hand, Lufthansa is one of the first operator of this aircraft. Currently they operating 14 Airbus A380-800s.