126 F-22 Raptor of United States Air Force

126 f-22 raptor

126 F-22 Raptor

126 F-22 Raptor of United States Air Force. This is Lockheed Martin F-22 Raptor with 126 aircraft registration number. Captured while on flying pass at Fairford Air Show. Thanks to Andreas Traxler for a such amazing photo shoot. The Fairford Air Show also known as RIAT (Royal International Air Tatoo). One of the largest military air show in the world. Annually held at Fairford Air Field. Back to the jet fighter. As we know, the Lockheed Martin F-22 is a most advanced jet fighter nowadays. The jet fighter designed and built with air superiority ability and stealth technology. United States claim that there are no jet fighter that will match F-22 in terms of technology. But some analyst say no. Because F-22 itself has not been proven yet in battle warfare. For some reason, USA's government will not selling the jet fighter abroad.