A321ceo JetBlue Airways at Mobile Alabama

a321ceo jetblue airways

A321ceo JetBlue Airways

A321ceo JetBlue Airways while taking off runway. This photograph captured during its first flight. Taken at United States Airbus facility at Mobile, Alabama. CEO is a current engine option or existing engine available. The carrier to add another 15 A321s and 15 A321neo. NEO stands for new engine option. Airbus A321ceo attached with new sharklets. While the A321neo to have new engine. Airbus claims it will 20 percent better on fuel performance. This based on per seat fuel improvements. Also the NEO will have 900 km on flight range and 2 tonnes extra pay load. Customer also able to set up to 240 seats for high density configuration. Surprisingly, passengers still get 18 inch wide seats.