Airbus A400M Royal Air Force at Bremen Airport

Airbus A400M Royal Air Force Takeoff

Airbus A400M Royal Air Force at Bremen Airport. The largest Airbus military aircraft was about to leaving ground to the sky. Yes picture taken by Andreas Fletz while on climbing phase. The military transporter intended to replace old Hercules C-130 and Transall C-160. This is a strategic air lifter and utility transporter. The A400M has 45 meters overall length. While the height is nearly 15 meters high. Four turboprop engines promise outstanding capability during its mission. With its massive power plants, the Atlas able to carry more than 20 tonnes of payload. It flies efficiently at 9,000 meters altitude. However, the giant also can cruise at 12,200 meters altitude. Another fact is the Airbus A400M has 6,400 km flight range with its 20 tonnes payload.