Lufthansa Star Alliance Airbus A330-300

lufthansa star alliance a330-300

Lufthansa Star Alliance Livery

Lufthansa Star Alliance with Airbus A330-300. This is a signature livery of star alliance member. One of the biggest airlines alliance in the world. Picture shown an Airbus A330-300 while taxiing runway. Taken at Nanjing Lukou International Airport. Photo credit goes to Qiao Zheng. Take a look at the picture a little bit. The engine nacelles were still on retracting position. These parts could make aircraft reduce its speed while landing. Because a passengers aircraft could have about 300 kmh or about 150 - 200 knots. So braking systems should work flawlessly. However, engine nacelles' role are helping engine to maintain its thrust to decelerate. In a simple words, these parts would make thrust be reversed.