Su-27 Russian Knights of Russian Air Force

su-27 russian knights

Su-27 Russian Knights in Formation Lined Up

Su-27 Russian Knights while on formation lined up in the sky. The Flanker Sukhoi Su-27 during its fly pass over airport. This was taken by Алексей Демин at Ramenskoye Airport. At the time the aerobatics team of Russian Federation Air Force was on demonstration flight. Yes, the Russian Knights is the name. In Russian, Russkiye Fityazi. The Aerobatics team formed in 1991 consist of six Sukhoi Su-27 Flankers. Currently they are flying the Su-27P variant and Su-27UP variant. The -P variant is a Flanker that has amazing performance on climbing rate ability. Meanwhile the -UB variant is a tandem seat variant. Back in 1995, four pilots killed after jet fighter collided during its show.