Allegiant Air MD-88 Takeoff at McCarran Airport

Allegiant Air MD-88 Takeoff Runway

Allegiant Air MD-88 Takeoff at McCarran Airport. The airport also known as Las Vegas Airport. The full name is a Las Vegas McCarran International Airport, with IATA code called LAS. This is a largest airport in Nevada states of USA. Located about five miles downtown of Sin City.

McCarran is a former senator of the state who had contributed in aviation. Anyway the airport was built back in 1942. Then open for public aviation four years after.

Meanwhile, Allegiant Air is a budget carrier of the country that owned by Allegiant Travel Company. The carrier headquartered at Las Vegas Airport and employs nearly 3,000 personels.

The airline flies to 150 domestic destinations, thanks to efficiency effort of the company. Despite of the company only operating 85 aircraft, this is very impressive. Also the company strategy which only fly to dense cities across the country. Such as, Las Vegas, Orlando, Phoenix, Cincinnati and Los Angeles.

Allegiant Air operates only narrow-body aircraft. At the moment they also large Boeing 757 series but will be phase out this year. Such as Airbus A320 and A319 series also range of McDonnell Douglas MD series. The company has been placed order for more Airbus aircraft in the future. Might whole MD series will retire in 2020 or soon.