Lufthansa Flies Airbus A350-900 With Triple Type Rating

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Lufthansa Flies Airbus A350-900

Lufthansa Flies Airbus A350-900 under triple type rating. Airbus A350 of Lufthansa will be operated by pilots who also fly their A330 and A340-600.

The German airline received its first A350-900 in December and will begin regular passenger flights with the twinjet on 10 February. These will be operated from Lufthansa's secondary base in Munich.

At an opening ceremony in the city on February 2, Martin Hoell, pilot in chief of Lufthansa's long-haul fleet, said that the A330 / A340-600 pilots needed to undergo familiarization training, as there were differences in The cabin of the A350. But, he says, the A330 and A350 have a common type rating.

Lufthansa has ordered a total of 25 A350 aircraft and decided to park the first 10 in Munich. The airline is scheduled to have seven A350s by the end of the year. They are replacing A340-600s.

Long-haul pilots in Munich pilot both the A330 and the A340-600, as both types have identical cabins. The Lufthansa intercontinental fleet, located in Munich, comprises all 18 active A340-600 - six more have been stored - and seven A330-300.

Based on database, Lufthansa also has 18 A340-300, some of which are being operated by the airline's regional CityLine arm. But Hoell says that Lufthansa decided not to include that fleet in the A350 series because the A340-300 are stationed in Frankfurt.