Virgin Boeing 787-9 Retracting Landing Gear Up While Climbing

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Virgin Boeing 787-9 Retracting Landing Gear

Virgin Boeing 787-9 Retracting Landing Gear up while on climbing phase after takeoff. Picture above shown the doors closing down. Landing gears are move into landing gear bay. Picture credit goes to Piotr Persona.

Virgin Atlantic Airways currently operating 37 aircraft on its fleet. Whole aircraft are widebody-type, because company strategy is emphasizing long-haul flights. Inter-continent and inter-pacific and atlantic flights. The company will phase out jumbo jet Boeing 747-400 in the coming years due to age. In other hand, the carrier also had placed order for giant Airbus A380-800 and widebody Airbus A350-1000 series. They are worth of billion dollars of deal.

Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner also become a rising star in the fleet these days. They are about 13 aircraft and another four 787-9s more to come.

In the last three years, the company experienced big loss in operating profit. At the moment, the carrier on restructuring processes. In 2015, the company handled more than six million passengers. The 2016 yearly report has not released yet.

Many airlines have to tighten its expense and fight in the real narrow market in recent years. Because, the market grows slowly while competitor grow rapidly. The gulf carrier have been conquered in a major international market. Thanks to huge financial back-up from the country. Private airlines should even more creative to gain more passengers. Rejuvenating fleet are one of them.