Boeing 737 MAX 10 Inflight Ocean and Cloud

Boeing 737 MAX 10 Inflight Ocean

Boeing 737 MAX 10 Inflight Ocean

Boeing 737 MAX 10 inflight ocean and clouds. Finally Boeing unveils the newest variant of 737 MAX line up. The Boeing 737 MAX 10 while inflight over ocean.

Boeing Chief Marketing Officer Randy Tinseth presented the first image of the 737 Max 10X proposal on March 6 at the ISTAT Americas convention in San Diego, amid the first of a likely series of rhetorical duels with its Airbus counterpart.

The 737 Max 10X, 73.8 m (73.7 m), was revealed as a relatively simple 1.68 m section of the 737 Max 9, with the distinctive stern exit door and without other obvious differences, in addition to the length. Boeing continues to evaluate several options to extend the landing gear's rotation point, allowing greater flexibility in take-offs despite the longer fuselage.

Boeing's board of trustees authorized the Tinseth team to start selling the 737 Max 10X to its customers by the end of December, and "many" deals have been made, he says.

Tinseth argues that the 737 Max 10 will offer the same capacity as the slightly longer Airbus A321neo, but with lower fuel consumption and a slightly higher range.

Speaking just before Tinseth's presentation at the ISTAT event, Airbus COO for customers John Leahy offered what appeared to be a pre-refutation of his Boeing counterpart's claims about the 737 Max 10X. Leahy says he thinks Airbus' biggest single aisle will be even better off Boeing's proposal to add space for just two more rows of seats on the 737 Max 10X.

"We're not particularly worried about the plane that's going to follow," Leahy pointed out. Tinseth disputed Leahy's claim that the A321neo will accommodate 10 seats more than the 737 Max 10X. He argues that the A321neo will be only 38.1cm longer than the 737 Max 10X, which is just room enough to squeeze into 10 more seats. However, the A321neo - which has a total length of 44.5m - should still be at least 72cm longer than the 737 Max 10X if the Boeing 1.68m stretch figure is accurate.

Boeing could officially launch the 737 Max 10X later this year, becoming the fourth member of the 737 remanufactured family, says Tinseth.