Boeing Wins 264 Orders for Apache AH-64s

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Boeing Wins 264 Orders on Apache AH-64Es

Boeing Wins 264 Orders. The aircraft maker has secured a five-year, USD 3.4 billion agreement to provide 268 Apache AH-64E attack helicopters to the US military and an international client.

Of the 268 aircraft, 244 will be remanufactured and will go to the US military, while 24 newly built helicopters will be shipped to the international customer, Boeing said in a statement.

The Boeing statement did not specify the international client, but it was announced in June 2016 that Qatar would buy 24 AH-64Es through the United States government's foreign military sales mechanism.

Qatar is the only international customer who has specifically requested 24 AH-64Es. Boeing adds that this is the first multi-year contract for the 'E' variant of the AH-64.

"This agreement is great news for our Army, our soldiers, US taxpayers, our industry partners and numerous international partners," said Joseph Hoecherl, director of the Apache project.

"It is a direct result of the professional dedication and diligent efforts of government and industry teammates to provide the much needed capabilities of the world's best attack helicopter - the AH-64E Apache - at a fair and affordable price Which generates annual savings to the taxpayer. In the hands of our trained US soldiers, Apache technologies and resulting capabilities are essential to Army operations around the world. "

Boeing adds that 15 countries operate the AH-64, and seven international customers have ordered the 'E' variant.