Delta and Aeromexico Make US-Mexico Travel Effortless

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Delta and Aeromexico Make US-Mexico Travel

Delta and Aeromexico Make US-Mexico Travel. Atlanta based carrier is making constant efforts to expand its international presence. In line with this strategy, the airline seeks to strengthen its presence in the lucrative Mexican market.

It should be noted that Mexico is currently inviting enormous traffic, courtesy of the depreciation of the Mexican peso. Given this favorable backdrop, Delta and the largest Mexican airline, Grupo Aeromexico, strengthened its longstanding partnership by implementing a joint cooperation agreement (JCA) to operate flights connecting the United States and Mexico.

As part of the EQB, carriers recently stated that they intend to launch five flights to new markets (Atlanta - Merida, Atlanta - Queretaro, Los Angeles - Leon, Seattle - Mexico City, Portland, OR - Mexico City). In addition to adding new routes, they aim to increase the frequency of flights and use more modern aircraft in four and two markets, respectively. Measures to facilitate travel between nations could be implemented as early as this fall, subject to government authorization.

Among other benefits, the partnership will result in a 10% increase in cross-border seat capacity by 31 December 2017. In addition, the alliance is likely to attract huge traffic, thus increasing the top line of carriers. In addition, the collaboration must find the favor of the passengers, as it offers them a greater choice. Carriers intend to improve the travel experience of passengers by making appropriate infrastructure investments.