Ryanair Buys 10 Boeing 737 MAXs at Paris Air Show

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Ryanair Buys 10 Boeing 737 MAXs

Ryanair Buys 10 Boeing 737 MAXs. Irish low-cost airline finalized an order today for an additional 10 737 MAX at the 2017 Paris Air Show. The order is valued at more than USD 1.1 billion at current list prices.

The low-cost Irish airline now has 110 unfilled orders with 100 options for the highest capacity 737 MAX 8, as well as 65 Next-Generation 737-800s.

"We are pleased to announce this purchase of 10 additional Boeing 737 'Gamechanger' aircraft in addition to our firm order of 100 737 MAX, with 100 remaining options," said Ryanair COO Mick Hickey. "This new MAX 737 aircraft has 8 seats more than the current 189-seat Boeing 737-800 and incorporates the latest engines and technology winglets that reduce fuel consumption and noise emissions, ensuring that we remain the cleanest and most environmentally friendly airline With Boeing and has operated a Boeing fleet since 1994. "

Ryanair is an operator of all Boeing and launched the largest capacity 737 MAX 8 at the end of 2014 with an order of 100 aircraft. The aircraft will provide Ryanair with 197 seats, increasing revenue potential and providing airlines such as Ryanair with up to 16 percent more fuel efficiency per seat than today's most efficient single-aisle aircraft.

"The 1977 MAX with 197 seats provides Ryanair with the perfect solution for its additional capacity requirements as it strives to transport 200 million passengers a year by the middle of the next decade," said Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing Global, Boeing Commercial Aircraft. "The 737 family has been the base on which Ryanair has revolutionized low-cost travel in Europe and we are honored that this iconic operator continues to grow in partnership with Boeing."

Ryanair transported 120 million passengers last year with 1,800 daily flights to more than 200 destinations. The Dublin-based carrier is the world's largest customer 737-800 and Boeing's largest operator in Europe. In March this year, Ryanair received its 450th generation 737-800 and today announced it has ordered a total of more than 640 Boeing aircraft.

The 737 MAX family has been designed to offer customers exceptional performance, flexibility and efficiency with lower seat costs and an extended range that will open new destinations in the single-aisle market. The MAX 8 and 9 will be followed in 2019 by the smaller MAX 7 and the higher capacity MAX 8. The MAX 10 will be introduced in the 2020 time frame.

The 737 MAX incorporates the latest CFM International LEAP-1B engines, advanced winglets technology and other enhancements to deliver the highest efficiency, reliability and passenger comfort in the single-aisle market.