Air Force One Replacement Contract For Boeing

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Air Force One Replacement Contract

Air Force One Replacement Contract. The United States Air Force has awarded contracts for two Boeing 747-8 aircraft businesses to replace a 747-200 fleet serving as a presidential transport.

The last modified contract an existing agreement with Boeing Awarded in 2016 to discuss options to reduce the risk of technical problems in the development of the new fleet of Air Force One, thus qualify for evaluation requirements.

The USAF Indicate August 4 did not disclose the price of the two aircraft, Boeing qui Formerly built for delivery to missing Russian airline Transaero.

More information on the cost will be released after-a next contract, is awarded to Boeing to develop a preliminary design of the Air Force One changes, selon has USAF statement.

"Because the planes were purchased through commercial procurement procedures, the price and other details related to the competitive sensory trade are, that is, the negotiated price paid is not separable," notes the USAF. "However, the price will be part of the overall baseline cost of the program once it is established and will be released in accordance with the contract publishing requirements."

Following the changes, the replacement presidential plane will begin to fly in the year 2024.

In January, Secretary of Defense James Mattis ordered an immediate review of the Air Force One recapitalization. After complaints from US President Donald Trump he tweeted that Boeing's cost proposals were too high.

In March, a number of requirements opinions outlined the minimum set of requirements for the platform, including the incorporation of a communications system Mission, electric power improvements, a medical center, an executive interior, a self-defense system and operations Terrestrial.