Air France Tests Virtual Reality Headset For Passengers

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Air France Tests Virtual Reality Headset For Passengers

Air France Tests Virtual Reality Headset For Passengers. Air France is testing the use of in-flight virtual reality headphones, allowing passengers to "enjoy 3D and 2D movies or series in their own private movie theater in isolation from the rest of the cockpit."

The test is initially run on carrier A340 flights between Paris CDG and St Martin, with four VR headphones available in business class, offering "a selection of some forty films and series."

The study is being conducted in collaboration with Skylights, based in San Francisco, and Air France says it will be "a valuable learning experience for the company and confirms the importance of enhancing the customer experience with original and innovative solutions."
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According to the website of Skylights, the firm has also partnered with TGV France-Italy to enable first-class passengers to use the headset during their journey.

Skylights says that their headphones offer a "cinematic field of vision" on a high-definition widescreen display.

The company was founded in 2015 by David Dicko, former executive and pilot of Air France, and Florent Bolzinger, a VR enthusiast.

Air France says that after the current test period, the new system "could be launched on other flights in the coming months".