Southwest Receives First Boeing 737 MAX 8

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Southwest Receives First Boeing 737 MAX 8

Southwest Receives First Boeing 737 MAX 8. Dallas headquartered Airlines has received its first Boeing 737 Max 8, ahead of the first revenue flights of the type on October 1.

"We will continue our work to get the aircraft ready to enter the Southwest schedule on October 1. More delivery details will be available this week," says a Southwest spokesman.

The 737 Max 8, registration N8710M, operated a 3h 19min flight from Boeing Field to Dallas Love Field.

The airline had originally planned an event on August 30 to celebrate the delivery of the aircraft, but canceled it to focus its efforts on recovering operations after Hurricane Harvey struck Texas over the weekend.

Southwest will launch nine 737 Max 8 in service on October 1, and add one tenth approximately one week later. It will finish 2017 with 14 of the type. The airline, which is the world's largest 737 operator, has orders for 200 737 Max aircraft, including 170 Max 8 and 30 Max 7.

Max is entering the Southwest fleet as he retires his remaining 737 Classics, which will fly to the airline until September 29. About 30 737 classics will operate that day, says the airline at the Boyd Group's International Aviation Summit in Las Vegas.