Ryanair Cuts Cabin Luggage Allowance

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Ryanair Cuts Cabin Luggage Allowance

Ryanair Cuts Cabin Luggage Allowance. The low-cost-carrier is putting an end to its policy of allowing non-priority passengers to have two hand luggage items.

The Dublin-based airline said it made the decision because flights are being delayed due to lack of space in the general lockers.

From 1 November 2017, passengers will only be able to carry a small bag like a bag or a portable bag on board, with wheel bags that are placed in the seat for free. Priority boarding customers will still be able to keep both bags on the plane.

Ryanair has also announced that it is increasing its registration bag allowance from 15 kg to 20 kg, and reducing the standard rate from GBP 35 to GBP 25 for a 20 kg luggage.

Airline marketing director Kenny Jacobs said he hoped the changes would "eliminate flight delays" caused by not having enough airspace on busy flights. "These changes in stock market policy will cost Ryanair more than USD 60 million annually in the reduced rates of registered stock exchanges.

"However, we believe that offering larger bags at reduced rates will encourage more customers to consider registering in a bag, which will reduce the high volume of customers we have with two handbags at the boarding gates, which is causing flight delays due to a large number of sacks of bags and bags of cabin bags. "

The changes will apply to all existing and future reserves.