Virgin Atlantic Offers Inflight Wi-fi In Whole Fleet

Virgin Atlantic has become the first European carrier to offer Wi-Fi throughout its fleet, ensuring that customers can stay connected through flights to and from the United States, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

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Virgin Atlantic Offers Inflight Wi-fi In Whole Fleet 

Virgin Atlantic Offers Inflight Wi-fi In Whole Fleet . As of today millions of customers traveling with Virgin Atlantic will be able to email, browse and socialize at 35,000 feet for as little as GBP 2.99 as the airline completes its ambitious Wi-Fi program - at least a year before other long-distance European carriers.

To celebrate that it is the first European airline that has a fully-connected Wi-Fi fleet, Virgin Atlantic will launch a series of fun events from the sky, connecting with #LiveFromVirgin.

One of the first #LiveFromVirgin events will be a comedy set in the sky.

Using a combination of Panasonic and Gogo technology, Wi-Fi is now available through the fleet of 39 aircraft and connectivity is available over 10,000 feet so customers can connect shortly after takeoff and stay online until shortly before of the landing.

The results so far have shown that 42 percent of customers opt for the Wi-Fi max package that lasts the entire flight, and the most popular routes for Wi-Fi use are London Heathrow to New York (JFK), San Francisco and Atlanta.

"As of today, customers flying around the world with Virgin Atlantic can work and play throughout their flight as we become the first airline in Europe to offer a fully-enabled Wi-Fi fleet," said Mark Anderson, executive vice president of Virgin Atlantic. .

"Innovation has always been in our blood and we have worked closely with Wi-Fi providers to develop the fastest and most reliable connection across the Atlantic and we are the first company to offer Wi-Fi between the UK and the Caribbean, Africa."

While Wi-Fi has been common in domestic carriers there has been a challenge for the industry to find reliable connections in vast expanses of ocean - such as the Atlantic.

Unlike flying over Europe or the USA. the signal can not come from the ground, and instead has to be transmitted to the aircraft of the satellites.

The airline is using a combination of two Wi-Fi providers over the network; customers traveling on the 787 will use Panasonic Wi-Fi, while the Airbus A330, Boeing 747 and Airbus A340-600 are equipped with Gogo technology.