Comac C919 Performs Low-speed Taxi Tests

comac c919 taxiing

Comac C919 Performs Low-speed Taxi Tests

Comac C919 Performs Low-speed Taxi Tests. Comac has started low-speed taxi tests with the second prototype of the C919 aircraft.

Flight Test Aircraft two (FTA-2) completed nine test points, says Comac in a brief statement. The work was carried out at the Shanghai Pudong International Airport, which is next to the Comac production facilities.

The work comes a month after Comac successfully turned on the CFM International Leap-1C engines on the plane.

The first prototype C919 flew to Xian on November 10, where the next phase of flight testing and certification work will take place.

Comac will use six test aircraft and perform flight tests at the Shanghai, Xian and Dongying sites. Its goal is for the second prototype to make its first flight before the end of 2017. Expects to obtain certification and certification in 2020-2021. The C919 has 730 commitments from 27 customers.