Airbus Exceeds Last Year Target on Deliveries

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Airbus Exceeds Last Year Target on Deliveries

Airbus Exceeds Last Year Target on Deliveries. Airbus received net orders of 1,109 aircraft last year, eclipsing the 912 figure of rival Boeing after strong activity in last month of 2017. However, the fuselage lagged behind Boeing in deliveries, although it managed to reach 718, close to its ambitious revised target of 720. Boeing delivered 763 jets in 2017.

Airbus secured net orders in December for 776 aircraft, helped by the consolidation of the agreements with Wizz Air, Frontier Airlines and Delta Air Lines.

They also managed to deliver an extraordinary 127 during the same month. Among them, 105 jets of the A320 family, including 47 A320neos, plus nine A350s and 12 A330s.

Airbus deliveries exceeded last year's target by 30 aircraft. He has publicly disclosed the figures in an accumulated delay before an informational meeting scheduled for January 15 to detail his order and delivery performance.