Boeing 787-8 Door of Scoot Damaged

boeing 787-8 scoot

Boeing 787-8 Door of Scoot Damaged

Boeing 787-8 Door of Scoot Damaged. A Scoot Boeing 787-8 had its left door ripped off the aircraft structure during preparation for routine maintenance at Singapore Changi Airport on January 7.

"During the preparation for routine maintenance, a door of a Scoot 787 aircraft was damaged and is currently recovering, there were no passengers involved and no injuries were sustained while an investigation was being convened," Scoot said in a statement. "Consequently, we do not expect major interruptions in our operational network."

The affected aircraft carries the 9V-OFI register (MSN 37125).
boeing 787 damaged door

Ripped Door

According to the reports of the social networks, the airplane had retreated when the chocks were removed without the pull but with the aerobridge still connected.

The aircraft registered as MSN 37125, was built in 2017. It is owned and managed by the low cost subsidiary of Singapore Airlines. This is the youngest Boeing 787 who had an incident. Showing that the door is detachable in different way.