China To Order Hundreds of Airbus A320 Family

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China To Order Hundreds of Airbus A320 Family

China To Order Hundreds of Airbus A320 Family. China is ready to finalize orders for 184 aircraft of the Airbus A320 family, according to press reports citing French President Emmanuel Macron, after talking with his Chinese President, Xi Jinping, in Beijing.

The orders will be mainly for A320neo jets with deliveries to 13 airlines scheduled for 2019 and 2020. It is not clear if these are new orders, or were not previously disclosed.

A joint statement issued by France and China says that the presidents of both countries encourage Airbus and its Chinese partners to explore a new cooperation around the A330, the A350 and the A380.

"China is willing to continue buying Airbus aircraft through friendly and mutually beneficial consultations with France on the development needs of China's air transport market," he adds.

"Both parties are happy with the possibility of signing new contracts in the future." The declaration follows a framework agreement to increase production of the A320 at the Tianjin plant to six aircraft per month by the beginning of 2020. The plant currently produces four aircraft per month.

It is reported that Airbus also offers China a role in its A380 production, with the hope of winning more orders for the super jumbo jet aircraft. The air fuselage would only say that it attaches great importance to the Chinese market and is committed to improving cooperation with China.

"We think it's in the interests of both parties," he says. "And China is one of the largest aviation markets and we are proud to support its growth with our broad product portfolio of 100 to 600 seats."