Dassault Aviation Announces 2017 Achievements

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Dassault Aviation Announces 2017 Achievements

Dassault Aviation Announces 2017 Achievements. Dassault ended last year with a firm order book for 101 Rafales, after delivering nine of the type during 2017.

In a financial report published on January 8, the fuselage says it sent eight Rafales to Egypt and a single example for the French air force last year, in line with its planning expectations.

In addition, he returned a Rafale M for service with the French navy, after updating it to the latest F3 operating standard.

Dassault says its portfolio of firm orders for the multirole fighter plane stood at 101 units as of December 31, 2017.

This includes 31 that will be produced for its domestic operators, plus 70 for export customers. In addition to Egypt, which has so far deployed 14 aircraft out of an eventual total of 24, other international buyers include India (24) and Qatar (36).

The figure of 101 accumulated jobs represents a reduction of nine units from the same point 12 months earlier.