Boeing Hook Up With General Atomics on MQ-25 Bid

Boeing Hook Up With General Atomics on MQ-25 Bid. Boeing joined a team of suppliers that support the offer of General Atomics Aeronautical Systems to win the MQ-25 Stingray program from the US Navy.

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The Boeing Autonomous Systems division will support GA-ASI's offer for the carrier-based unmanned tanker "with our autonomous and aviation experience," says Chris Raymond, vice president and general manager of the division.

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Boeing Hook Up With General Atomics on MQ-25 Bid

The announcement comes less than two months after Boeing's Phantom Works unit unveiled a fully assembled MQ-25 ground test vehicle in St. Louis with great fanfare.

The presence of Boeing in the list of GA-ASI suppliers for a rival design does not change the company's plans to offer its own aircraft for the Navy contract.

"Following the program as a first bidder and member of the General Atomics team is good for our client and reflects our focus on doing what is necessary to compete, win and grow," says Boeing.

The GA-ASI announcement also clarifies other details of the company's offer as the Naval Air Systems Command evaluates the proposals for the MQ-25, which also includes a separate offer from Lockheed Martin.

If selected, the GA-ASI Stingray would be powered by the Pratt & Whitney Canada PW815 turbofan engine of nearly 16,000 pounds of thrust. GA-ASI is so far the only bidder in the MQ-25 competition that has revealed an engine option. It shows that the MQ-25 will be considerably larger than the GA-ASI Predator C Avenger jet propulsion unmanned air system, which runs on the PW545B turbofan of almost 4,000 pounds of thrust.

GA-ASI also selected UTC Aerospace Systems to design and build the landing gear and the Fokker business of GKN Aerospace to supply the detention hook.