British Airways Commences Wi-Fi On Board Aircraft

British Airways Commences Wi-Fi On Board Aircraft. British Airways is the last airline to begin installing Wi-Fi in flight on its long-haul aircraft.

The airline says it plans to connect 118 aircraft in the next two years, although so far only three aircraft currently offer the service.

BA partnered with Visa to offer passengers of the connected flights a free "limited time" navigation and transmission time.

b787-9 british airways

British Airways Commences Wi-Fi On Board Aircraft, pic: Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Customers will be informed if their flight is on a connected aircraft when they board, with the Internet available "approximately ten minutes after takeoff when the aircraft has passed 10,000 feet," according to BA.

Wifi comes in two packages: the 'Browse' option supports Internet browsing, social networks and messaging services, while 'Stream' offers a faster connection to stream music and movies on services such as Netflix.

Packages can be purchased for one hour, four hours or the entire flight.