Leonardo AW609 Finally Has Launch Customer

Leonardo AW609 Finally Has Launch Customer. Era Group has become the launch customer for the Leonardo Helicopters AW609 tiltrotator, with a firm initial commitment for two aircraft for delivery after 2020.

Configured in a nine-passenger design, the tilting rotors will be used for a variety of applications, including utility missions and offshore transportation, search and rescue, and emergency medical services (EMS) in the USA.

leonardo aw609

Leonardo AW609 Finally Has Launch Customer, pic: Tiltrotor AW609

Era Group signed an agreement with the manufacturer in 2016 to assist in the development of an EMS variant of the AW609.

Chris Bradshaw, executive director of Era Group, says: "We see the AW609 as part of our future and we look forward to building on collaboration with Leonardo as the Era prepares to launch commercial tiltrotor operations through the various missions we operate. "

Leonardo says he has tentative commitments for about 50 tiltrotors so far. The only other confirmed client is United Arab Emirates, which intends to take three examples for SAR operations.

The certification of the Federal Aviation Administration of the USA. UU For AW609 it was recently revealed and has been reduced by the end of 2019.