Lufthansa Announces New Livery and Branding Less Yellow

Lufthansa Announces New Livery and Branding Less Yellow. Lufthansa is receiving a makeover, or some may say, a makeover.

At an event in Frankfurt on Tuesday at the Lufthansa Flight Center, the German flag company unveiled its new brand.

The most striking and surprising part of the change is the new livery of the airline, which has been simplified to include only two colors, blue and white.

b747-8 lufthansa new livery

Lufthansa Announces New Livery and Branding Less Yellow, pic: Boeing 747-8 Inflight

It was the classic yellow that defined the airline. Now it is a simpler color scheme and some can say more elegant.

The changes have a special date, since it is the 100th anniversary of the creation of Lufthansa Crane, the logo that appeared when the first Lufthansa was formed, before the Second World War led to its dissolution and reform in the 1950s.

"The crane logo represents Lufthansa and Lufthansa represents the crane," said Lufthansa Group President Carsten Spohr at a press conference in Frankfurt. Spohr added that although the crane represents tradition, Lufthansa has always managed to overcome challenges and evolve, just as the crane logo has evolved over time.

With the logo on everything from napkins to the tail of the plane, Lufthansa says that more than 45,000 cranes take off every time an LH plane takes off into the sky.

Last week, photos of the new livery were leaked and provoked some intense reactions on social networks. Many people were not happy to see the color known as RAL 1028 Melon Yellow leave the Lufthansa aircraft.

The fin of the airplane will maintain the crane, but with a thinner white circle around the bird and with a dark blue aspect. Still the yellow exists in a small area, near the door furthest towards the cabin, where a small yellow "welcome panel" will greet customers.

Lufthansa Amenities

Yellow has not completely disappeared from the airline's brand. You will still see it at the boarding gate or boarding pass completely yellow. The flight aviator handkerchiefs will include yellow details and you will see it in medicine cabinets, blankets and pillow cases.

"Every detail of the design was redesigned, to meet the requirements of the digital age," Lufthansa said in a statement. The last time the livery was changed (very slightly) was 30 years ago, so Lufthansa executives thought it was time to modernize.

Lufthansa says that 40 aircraft will be repainted by the end of 2018 and that the entire fleet will take seven years to look the same.

But why get rid of yellow, a symbol so emblematic of the brand, and replace it with a color scheme shared by three other European airlines?

The executives of Lufthansa commented that they did not think that yellow worked inside the plane, that's why they did not want it outside. They kept coming back to the point that it was time to modernize and evolve.