Unused Concorde Nose Goes to Auction

Unused Concorde Nose Goes to Auction. A rare piece of aviation history will be at stake when a cone nose from the original Concorde passenger aircraft goes to auction next week.

It is said that the 11-foot tall cone (3.35 m) is the only unused nose cone of the few that were originally made for the Concorde fleet in the 1970s.

concorde british airways

Unused Concorde Nose Goes to Auction, pic: Concorde of British Airways

A price of between £ 45,000 and £ 60,000 has been established by JP Humbert Auctioneers in Towcester, Northamptonshire.

The last commercial flight of Concorde took place on October 23, 2003. "We appreciate that this is not a low-cost item," said auctioneer Jonathan Humbert.

concorde nose

Unused Concorde Nose, Supersonic Aircraft

"But it would be hard to think of a more exclusive and iconic item to sell than a famous nose cone of the world's fastest commercial aircraft." The auction will take place on Thursday, February 22.