Boeing KC-46 Tanker Completed FAA Flight Test

Boeing KC-46 Tanker Completed FAA Flight Test. The Boeing KC-46 tanker program completed all flight tests of the supplementary type certificate (STC) required for the Federal Aviation Administration of the United States after a successful refueling and communications flight with a C-17.

Boeing said on April 26 that it plans to present the resulting data and reports to the FAA for review.

kc-46 boeing tanker

Boeing KC-46 Tanker Completed FAA Flight Test, pic: Boeing KC-46 Tanker

As part of the tests, a combined team from Boeing and the US Air Force was required. UU To validate the boom and funnel systems for aerial refueling with multiple receiver aircraft, such as the F-16, F / A-18, C-17 and A-10.

The team also had to demonstrate that the KC-46 was taking fuel from KC-135, KC-10 and other KC-46 tanks. The plane also conducted night and daytime lighting tests, and tested its defense and avionics systems.

The KC-46, derived from the Boeing 767-2C design, is built at the company's facilities in Everett, Washington. Boeing is currently under contract for the first 34 of the 179 tanks planned for the United States Air Force.

The FAA must still approve an exemption requested by Boeing before granting the STC. A software failure discovered earlier this year could cause overpressure in extreme conditions when the KC-46 is loading fuel in flight to the central fuel tank.

The FAA is now seeking comments on the Boeing exemption petition, but is expected to grant the exemption. Meanwhile, the USAF still refuses to accept the delivery of the first 18 Boeing KC-45 aircraft until several other deficiencies are resolved.

Despite the pending issues, Boeing says the program is still on track to complete the delivery of the first operational squad later this year.