US Air Force Deploys Four KC-135 Stratotanker and Hundreds Personnel

US Air Force Deploys Four KC-135 Stratotanker and Hundreds Personnel. The US Air Force have been sent four Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker, aircraft tankers to the airport near Lviv to participate in the exercises in Europe and Africa.

In addition to the plane, about 150 flight crew and support personnel arrived in Ukraine. "The deployment of KC-135 to Ukraine is part of the US strategy to defend European allies, improve security in Eastern Europe and increase the level of military understanding among allies and partners," the statement said.

kc-135 stratotanker

US Air Force Deploys Four KC-135 Stratotanker and Hundreds Personnel, pic: Boeing KC-135 Stratotanker Lined Up

The exercises of the Operation of the Joint Forces of Ukraine will take place from 4 to 16 June.

In May, Ukrainian aviation participated in the exercises in the Donbas, where the planes provided coverage for the infantry that performed a mock attack on an enemy stronghold.

Moscow has expressed concern over the ongoing buildup of NATO along its western borders.

In the spring, during a meeting with the Russian Security Council, President Vladimir Putin accused the alliance of hindering integration processes involving Russia, fueling old conflicts and provoking new ones in the post-Soviet space and other regions bordering Russia.

Russian officials have also repeatedly pointed out that despite the promises made to Moscow at the end of the Cold War not to expand to the east, NATO, over the past two decades, has swallowed up all the members of the former Warsaw Pact, as well as to Soviet Republics of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.