Sukhoi and Superjet International Pay Interjet Airlines

Sukhoi and Superjet International Pay Interjet Airlines. The Mexican airline Interjet received USD 39.6 million in compensation for the maintenance costs of its Sukhoi Superjet 100 fleet, after the airline was forced to land at least four SSJ100 in the last year or so.

The airline says that the amount, recorded in the second quarter's financial results, is an estimate of the contractual recovery of costs related to the maintenance of its SSJ100.

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Sukhoi and Superjet International Pay Interjet Airlines

Interjet recorded expenses related to the maintenance of USD 34.86 million in the second quarter, as part of the general operating expenses that increased 21% in the period to USD 330 million. He notes that the compensation of USD 39.6 million had helped offset his expenses.

A Bloomberg report earlier this year said Interjet had grounded four SSJ100s and was cannibalizing the plane in pieces to keep the remaining fleet of SSJ100 running. Subsequently, Superjet International minimized it, with its senior vice president of commercials, Stewart Cordner, in January: "The temporary theft of pieces is not cannibalism."

Interjet currently has a fleet of 22 SSJ100, one of which is still in storage. That solo aircraft, XA-PBA, sustained significant nose damage after an accident involving an airlift at the Mexico City airport in 2015. Presented to Interjet in April 2014, the plane has spent about 65% of your life in storage.

The grounding reported earlier this year followed the week-long repairs in early 2017 to 11 of Interjet's SSJ100, after defects were found in the stabilizing nodes of the aircraft.