Airlines in India Want Government Change on Full Refund Tickets

Airlines in India Want Government Change on Full Refund Tickets. All Indian airlines want the government to change their movement to allow passengers to cancel tickets at no cost. In May, the Department of Aviation offered a full refund, without cancellation fees, for flyers canceling domestic flight tickets within 24 hours of booking a flight at least four days prior to departure.

However, the airlines want the flight to be at least one week in a row not to charge a ticket cancellation fee within 24 hours of booking.

air india boeing 787-8 takeoff

Airlines in India Want Government Change on Full Refund Tickets, pic: Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner

"The aviation industry told the Civil Aviation Directorate that the fixed tariff should only apply to flights longer than one week, with the Ministry of Aviation making the call. final, "said a source.

Cancellation fees are a major disadvantage for passengers. Currently, royalties are the base rate plus the fuel surcharge or Rs 3,000, the lesser of the two. An extended period of tariff blocking - from four days to a week - could mean a reduction in "lost revenue" for airlines, said a source.

All Indian airlines are in red due to higher operating costs and lower operating costs than the cost of their losses. While airlines generally maintain relatively low fares, other fees such as cancellation, excess baggage and seat selection have steadily increased in recent years to generate revenue.

The Ministry of Aviation had proposed the concept of the capitalization rate in its passenger charter project, which included several measures favorable to the traveler, including compensation for the lack of services. "Another change is that if a person who is denied boarding does not receive another flight or if the option given does not satisfy him, the airlines will have to offer a full refund of the airline ticket," he said. a source. Almost all airlines are opposed.