Global 7500 Business Jet of Bombardier Receives Certification

Global 7500 Business Jet of Bombardier Receives Certification. Canadian regulators approved the new Bombardier Global 7500 powerful commercial aircraft, which paved the way for the delivery of this first type later this year.

Neither the US Federal Administration nor the European Aviation Safety Agency have approved the Global 7500, but Bombardier expects these certifications to "follow soon," according to a press release.

global 7500 bombardier business jet

Global 7500 Business Jet of Bombardier Receives Certification

Bombardier, which announced the Canadian certification in coordination with Canada's Transport Minister Marc Garneau, presents the Global 7500 as one of the most advanced and wealthy business aircraft available.

"The Global 7500 aircraft has been able to meet all standards to measure a business jet: comfort, luxury, performance and smooth handling," says the Montreal-based aerospace specialist. "This plane ... is about to redefine international business airplane travel."

The Global 7500 range has a range of 7,700 nm (14,260 km), which allows it to travel as New York-Hong Kong and Singapore-San Francisco, according to Bombardier.

The aircraft has a published takeoff distance of 1770 meters (5800 feet), which, according to Bombardier, allows it to operate from shorter runways than competing business aircraft.

The certification follows a flight test program that began in November 2016. Since then, five test aircraft have registered more than 2,700 flight hours.