Ryanair Strike Impact To Thousand of Passengers in Europe

Ryanair Strike Impact To Thousand of Passengers in Europe. Ryanair is preparing for another staff strike on Friday as a strike in six European countries, mainly cabin crews, forced cancellations of flights that will interrupt the projects of more than 40,000 travelers.

Boeing 737-800 of Ryanair

Ryanair Strike Impact To Thousand of Passengers in Europe, pic: Boeing 737-800 of Ryanair

Europe's largest low-cost airline has faced a series of strikes since it recognized unions for the first time in December, damaging reserves and forcing it to consider short-term growth plans. term if social discontent persists.

Cabin teams from Germany, Belgium, Portugal, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy, as well as German pilots, presented strike warnings 24 hours a day, which increased the pressure on salaries. and the conditions.

Ryanair initially canceled 150 flights due to what it describes as a useless attack by a "small minority of cabin crew". The airline said on Thursday it expected a hundred cancellations after the German pilots announced their intention to join the protest.

The cancellations represent approximately 10% of its 2,400 flights scheduled on Friday.

The action in some of Ryanair's biggest markets will be its second day of strike after some 55,000 customers were hit in August when pilots from five European countries came out on top of the summer vacation.

The Irish airline said it has made significant progress in recent weeks in terms of negotiations, including collective agreements with staff in Ireland, Britain, Italy and Germany.

"These strikes show that, despite its recent rhetoric, Ryanair still has a long way to go before having sustainable industrial relations," said Gabriel Mocho Rodríguez, civil aviation secretary of the International Transport Workers' Federation (ITF). ).

"You can not pretend that the negotiations are going well when the workers of six countries in your network decide to carry out strike actions simultaneously," he added.