Primera Air Files For Bankruptcy Gave Passengers Options

Primera Air Files For Bankruptcy Gave Passengers Options. The Primera Air, Riga of Latvia based airline, will cease operations starting at midnight yesterday (October 1), according to a statement from the company's board of directors.

The airline, which was founded 14 years ago as a short distance operator in Europe and the Middle East, has been consolidated in 2018 as one of the last low cost and long distance companies offering No low cost fares in the Atlantic. (The fare was £ 99 for a one-way trip between London and New York).

A321neo of Primera Air

Primera Air Files For Bankruptcy Gave Passengers Options, pic: New Airbus A321neo of Primera Air

In a statement to Quartz after the online publication of a note to the employees of the company, the board of directors of First. the delay in the delivery of the aircraft and its expensive replacement wet lease solution. It could not remain solvent.

When asked what passengers should do if they book flights with the airline, a spokesperson told Quartz that "Unfortunately, all First Air employees are fired and we have no more." the information. "The company has updated its website with a statement announcing its closure.

According to the IATA guidelines (PDF), passengers who have booked flights with airlines have some options (although they are not very good), such as calling a credit card company to request services not provided or submit a report. Travel insurance claim. If a passenger is stranded by a bankrupt airline, as in 2017 with Monarch Airlines, European airlines have a reputation for offering "fare prices" at nominal prices for travelers who are not covered by insurance.

The news raises the question of what could happen to other similar companies that work in the same business model. Complied with ultra-efficient and uninterrupted aircraft service standards, the trend of long-haul and low-cost flights has disrupted the industry since Norwegian entered the scene.

However, many critics have pointed to unsustainable growth strategies, the use of a single type of aircraft, as well as the economic model's dependence on low fuel prices. Even a Norwegian low cost Norwegian had problems due to his confidence in the Boeing Dreamliners equipped with complex Trent 1000 engines manufactured by Rolls Royce, which led to his own costly manned operation. For cost-conscious passengers, low-cost long-haul flights are a good deal, if they are not safe.