Air China Receives Boeing 737 MAX 8

Air China Receives Boeing 737 MAX 8. Boeing has reached a milestone in its relationship with the Chinese aviation industry by delivering the first aircraft from its 737 delivery and completion center in Zhoushan.

The sale, made in collaboration with COMAC (China Commercial Aircraft Corporation, joint venture partner), involved 737 Max 8 for Air China, registered B-1178. The aircraft was built on the Boeing 737 assembly line in Renton, Washington, but completion was made at the Zhoushan site in China.

This milestone comes 20 months after construction begins at the 41-hectare site, says Boeing, which is its first such facility outside of the United States.

Boeing 737 MAX 8

Air China Receives Boeing 737 MAX 8

It was built in collaboration with the provincial governments of Zhejiang and Zhoushan and will be fully operational in phases as capacity increases, adds the aircraft manufacturer.

"This moment means that our growing partnership with China goes back almost half a century," said Kevin McAllister, President and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

The completion program in China involves the crossing of 737 Max aircraft for local airlines, connecting Seattle with Zhoushan, where the joint Boeing-COMAC facilities are performing completion work.

Initially, this was limited to the interior finish, but Boeing indicated that the work package will be gradually extended to the painting, once three hangars of paint have been added. Once completed, the aircraft will be transferred to the delivery center operated by the neighboring Boeing to be accepted and delivered.

According to Boeing, about a third of the 737 built will go to Chinese customers. Its rival Airbus established a final assembly line in China for its single aisle aircraft in Tianjin ten years ago. The latter has delivered several hundred aircraft of the A320 family to local carriers.