China To Supply Composite Fuselage

China To Supply Composite Fuselage. China has produced the first composite front fuselage prototype for the wide-body CRAIC CR929 aircraft under development. The 15m x 6m structure marks the first time that China uses a composite concept for a fuselage, Comac said.

comac compsite fuselage

China To Supply Composite Fuselage

He added that the structure will provide important technical support for the preliminary design of the CR929 composite structure.

China is responsible for manufacturing the fuselage of the developing Chinese-Russian jumbo jet. The final assembly of the aircraft will also take place in Shanghai. The wings, the empennage and the tail of the plane made up of the plane will be produced in Russia.

The program is expected to move to the common definition in the second half of 2019, after the selection of engines and landing gear suppliers earlier this year. The goal is to deliver the 280 seats in 2025.

The Italian aerospace giant Leonardo also signed a memorandum of understanding to work with Kangde Investment Group to establish an aerostructures production plant in China to supply fuselage parts for the CR929.