Codesharing Finnair and China Southern Airlines

Codesharing Finnair and China Southern Airlines. China Southern Airlines and Finnair signed a Memorandum of Understanding to start sharing the code starting next April 2019, after obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals.

finnair a330-300 flower

Codesharing Finnair and China Southern Airlines, pic: Airbus A330-300

As part of the agreement, China Southern will share codes on Finnair flights from Helsinki to 15 European destinations, including Copenhagen and Stockholm.

At the same time, Finnair will place its code in China Southern's services from Guangzhou to eight Chinese cities, including Chongqing and Nanjing, as well as eight points in Australia and New Zealand.

In a statement, China Southern added that the duo also aims to establish a comprehensive long-term strategic partnership to improve the quality of service and improve its competitiveness. The association will also help China Southern reduce its network's deficit in the Nordic countries, he added.

China Southern has announced that it will leave the SkyTeam alliance next year, as it seeks new partnerships with operators around the world. Its partnership with Oneworld, Finnair, strengthens its links with the alliance.

In addition to the Oneworld American Airlines airline, it also shares codes with Qantas, Japan Airlines and British Airways.