FL Technics Wins Bulgaria Three-year Contract

FL Technics Wins Bulgaria Three-year Contract. Bulgaria Air granted FL Technics a three-year contract to conduct basic controls on their own fleet.

The maintenance provider of Lithuania, for which Bulgaria Air is a new customer, says that work has begun on an initial Airbus A319 series.

a319 bulgaria air

FL Technics Wins Bulgaria Three-year Contract, pic: Airbus A319 Series

Bulgaria Air operates two Airbus A319s, three Airbus A320s, a single Boeing 737-300 and four Embraer 190s.

FL Technics' base maintenance capabilities cover Boeing 737 Series, Airbus A320 Series and widebody jet Airbus A330 Series. The company is listed as Avia Solutions Group subsidiary, headquartered in Vilnius.
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