Lufthansa Airlines Logo History and Evolution

lufthansa logo 2018

Lufthansa Airlines Logo

Lufthansa Airlines Logo history and evolution. Deutsche Lufthansa AG or also known as Lufthansa Airlines. It is largest carrier in the Germany and Europe and one of the largest in the world. This based on revenue, number of destinations and fleet size. Here is Lufthansa logo changes in timeline.

lufthansa airlines logo evolution

Lufthansa Logo Evolution

There were three times logo alteration between 1953 - present. In 1953 the logo was a vertical stylized with bird at the bottom of name. Later on In late 1950s the carrier changed its logo to circle stylized and the bird was remain. In 1963, Lufthansa added signature yellow color identity and circle stylized logo also remain. However, the character was simplified to Lufthansa.
1963-2018 logo

1963 - 2018 Logo, Longest Logo Used

In the beginning, Lufthansa logo stylized by Otto Firle back in 1918. At the time the logo was the livery for first German Airlines called Deutsche Luft-Reederei (DLR). In 1926 Deutsche Luft Hansa adopted the symbol. Eventually this design became master of current Lufthansa logo. The Lufthansa logo uses three colors – yellow, blue and white – that portray modernism and excellence in design. These colors also depict purity, safety, peace, optimism, reliability and sense of responsibility of the company.'

2018 Re-branding Effort

Lufthansa Announces New Livery and Branding Less Yellow. Lufthansa is receiving a makeover, or some may say, a makeover.

The German flag company unveiled its new brand. The most striking and surprising part of the change is the new livery of the airline, which has been simplified to include only two colors, blue and white.

lufthansa livery logo

Lufthansa Livery Logo

It was the classic yellow that defined the airline. Now it is a simpler color scheme and some can say more elegant.

The changes have a special date, since it is the 100th anniversary of the creation of Lufthansa Crane, the logo that appeared when the first Lufthansa was formed, before the Second World War led to its dissolution and reform in the 1950s.

"The crane logo represents Lufthansa and Lufthansa represents the crane," said Lufthansa Group President Carsten Spohr at a press conference in Frankfurt. Spohr added that although the crane represents tradition, Lufthansa has always managed to overcome challenges and evolve, just as the crane logo has evolved over time.