Airbus A880 Ultra Jumbo Jet Concept

Airbus A880 Ultra Jumbo Jet Concept Aircraft. The passenger jet developed from original Airbus A380 series. It has quadruple-decker on its fuselage.

Using simple math, more than 1,500 passengers can fit inside. Those passengers to seat on all economy seating layout. FYI, original super jumbo jet Airbus A380-800 series can fit up to 800 passengers with whole economy seating passengers layout.

Airbus A880 Ultra Jumbo Jet Concept

Airbus still have to tweak whole performance aspects of the aircraft. Because it would have double on load and many many additional requirements. To have double lift force in the wing as well as aircraft structure in the whole body.

Might be composite-made would have been a wise choice. Since the material promising light weight yet strong enough. At least the payload can be minimized to the acceptance level.

Large aircraft will always be interested point on airlines industry. Although it gives less profit margin to company. At least passengers and aircraft enthusiasts to have things to waiting for. Amid discontinue issue of Airbus A380 series because its not below expectation on sale.

Definitely i am the one who will stand on the queue if Airbus A880 ultra jumbo jet concept become reality someday. I wish.