Helicopter Robinson R22 Beta II Lifting Off

r22 robinson

Robinson R22 Beta II

Helicopter Robinson R22 Beta II while lifting off the ground. This is one of the timeless design of the rotorcraft. First introduced in 1979 and still on production till now. Back in 1973, Frank Robinson wanted to make every day helicopter. Hovering around farm as well as perfect toys for enthusiast.

First flight made in 1975 and more than 4,600 units have been produced. Per August 2016 this little helicopter has a tag about USD 288,000. It has two blades and single piston engine installed. Power plant is still using classic recipes. Piston engine, air cooled and carburetor for supply management. Meanwhile, maximum capacity is limited to only two crew.

The Beta II is the latest variant of original R22 Robinson. They claimed this has more powerful engine and refine in power plant. The manufacturer also provides police variant (R22 Police) and R22 IFR. The IFR designed for IFR training. Because its able to carry some IFR's instruments.

The military variant of the chopper also used by Boeing and DARPA. They modified and tuned for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) or so called drones. At least it really is one of the best design from Robinson Helicopter Company.