Russian Defense Ministry To Receive Mi-28UB

Mi-28UB russian

Russian Defense Ministry To Receive Mi-28UB

Russian Defense Ministry To Receive Mi-28UB. Russian Helicopters has produced the first serial examples of Mil Mi-28UB, a combined combat variant and coach of the company's attack helicopter.

The aircraft are currently being tested for customer acceptance at the company's Moscow facility.

Approx by the end of the year the shipowner intends to deliver a total of eight to the Russian Ministry of Defense, which will eventually yield 60 examples.

Russian helicopters believe the changes will increase the popularity of the attack helicopter.

Which is equipped with dual hydro-mechanical controls, crash-resistant seats and additional space to accommodate a flight instructor.

"The Mi-28 has proven its effectiveness, so we're hoping its training version will be in high demand," says Andrey Boginsky, CEO of Russian Helicopters.

"This double-controlled helicopter opens new avenues for training flight personnel for such machines."