Delta and WestJet Toward Closer To Joint Venture

Delta and WestJet Toward Closer To Joint Venture. Delta Air Lines and WestJet have finalized a joint venture agreement as they move towards closer cooperation between Canada and the United States.

The agreement will expand the codeshare agreement of carriers and allow them to jointly coordinate schedules and plan growth, locate themselves at key airports, provide reciprocal benefits for frequent travelers and cooperate in cargo operations, Delta and WestJet say in a joint statement on July 19.

delta air lines and westjet joint venture

Delta and WestJet Toward Closer To Joint Venture

"The future of Delta is global and, together with WestJet, we can increase the capabilities of both airlines and unite our strengths in this important cross-border market," says Ed Bastian, executive director of Delta.

The immunized company will be the sixth joint venture of the airline based in Atlanta with a foreign company, the last one will be an agreement with Korean Air that began in May. "WestJet continues its campaign to become a global airline, and the signing of this agreement marks an important milestone in that journey," says Ed Sims, president and CEO of WestJet. "The joint venture will allow us to maximize our existing partnership with Delta to benefit customers by bringing more competition to the cross-border market."

Delta and WestJet serve 63 cross-border markets, connecting 11 airports in Canada with 26 in the United States in July.

Combined airlines have a 24.2% share of Canada-US capacity. UU In July, according to the schedules. This is second after 50.7% of Air Canada's capacity, and above the 12.3% stake of United Airlines.

Delta and WestJet plan to apply for antitrust approval in Canada and the United States next month, and await a decision within a year, says WestJet. Sims told FlightGlobal in April that WestJet was awaiting approval by the end of 2018, pending a mid-year request to regulatory authorities.

The agreement follows a memorandum of understanding to form a joint venture between Delta and WestJet in December 2017.